It depends on room and the number of players


2 players = 60 €
3 players = 70 €
4 players = 80 €
5 players = 90 €

FÁBULA (75')

2 players = 70 €
3 players = 80 €
4 players = 90 €


1 | Write to

2 | Ask for a room and number of players

3 | Tell us if you prefer paypal o bank transfer

4 | Wait for our reply!

Conditio Sine Qua Non

Latin alocution meaning that a necessary condition without which something is not possible
Such as the key you can not find, o the padlock you are struggling with...
If you want to succed in an escape room
Solving it is Conditio SineQuaNon!


Tiny details to take into consideration

Before entering the room

Immerse yourself in the story

Read the mails from the doctor and talk to your team about the challenge you are going to face

Arrive on the exact time

If you arrive earlier, we won't be able to receive you. If you arrive late, you will waste precious time!

Have the cash for the payment prepared

If possible, the exact amount

You can not leave the room halfway through

So eat, drink and go to the restroom before


For chosing SineQuaNon Escape Torrevieja to initiate yourselves in this world. A word of apology: once you taste it, there is no escape.

During the game

Ask for hints. They are a part of the game

The clock keeps ticking, and you are allowed to ask for some hints. Do it wisely!

Check the room thoroughly

Look for hidden objects that might help you progress

Put away everything that you have already used

Every object has an only use. When you have finish, put them in the box of discarded objects.

Special Padlocks

If you think you know the combination, make sure that you are following the instructions of the padlock correctly

Split up and win

Some puzzles can be solved at the same time. Split your team up and gain some valuable minutes.

Your new adventure awaits


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